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Dali Phantom H-80 - per pair

1 Dali Phantom H-80 - enceintes encastrables -
1 Dali Phantom H-80 - enceintes encastrables -
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Enceinte Encastrable

Dali Phantom H-80
The PHANTOM H-80 is the speaker you choose, when large, dynamic and well-defined sound really matters. The sound performance is clear, detailed and yet controlled and powerful. As for the soundstage, it will extend into every corner of even larger rooms.

The PHANTOM H series:
The DALI PHANTOM H series is an in-wall speaker build around traditional speaker technologies. At its centre is the easy to recognize the DALI woofer cone made from a mix of paper pulp and wood fibre. This gives the cone a light, well behaved, but random structure that helps reproduce even the smallest details in the music.

The powerful low-loss magnet system deliver precision and timing to the low frequencies and the ultra lightweight soft dome tweeter adds great resolution to the high frequencies. Together they blend into a very coherent, highly detailed, clear and natural soundstage. The PHANTOM H series is a true full range speaker and needs no supplement subwoofer.

Caractéristiques techniques
Type d´enceintes Center
Réponse en fréquence (+/- 3dB) [Hz] 46 - 25,000
Sensibilité 90
Impédance nominale 6
Maximum SPL [dB] 109
Puissance admissible [W] 30 - 200
Fréquence du filtre [Hz] 2,350
Haut-parleur de haute fréquence 1 x 28 mm  Soft Textile Dome
Haut-parleur de basses fréquences 1 x 8"  Wood Fibre Cone
Type de montage Open Back
Connectique des entrées Single Wire
Positionnement recommandé Built-in In-Wall
Built-in In-Ceiling
Dimensions du coffret (HxLxP) (mm) 335 x 335 x 106
Dimensions des découpes (HxLxP) (mm) 299 x 299
Poids [kg] 3.30
Accessoires inclus 3mm Allen Key
Cut-out template
Logo Badge
Finition White Lacquer Grille