Focal ARIA Evo X - Feel the Purity of Sound

After the renowned Aria 900 series, discover the Focal ARIA Evo X range, high-end speakers redefining Hi-Fi.

Aria Evo X: Unparalleled Sound Purity

Focal Aria Evo X speakers, succeeding the iconic Aria 900 series, embody the very essence of Hi-Fi. Crafted with exceptional French craftsmanship, these speakers result from major technological advancements, offering refined design and unprecedented finishing.

Key Features of the Range:

  • TAM Tweeter - Gentle Sound:
    The TAM tweeter,made in France, delivers a nuanced sound without directionality, thanks to its wide dispersion angle. Enjoy detailed highs for an immersive listening experience.
  • Elegant Design:
    Aria Evo X speakers are available in three finishes: Black High Gloss, Prime Walnut, and Moss Green High Gloss. They blend performance and aesthetics with their elegant design. Leather-effect fronts add refinement and character.
  • TMD Suspension - Midrange Control:
    TMD technology stabilizes the suspension between the speaker and the mobile membrane. This ensures exceptional midrange control by eliminating unwanted vibrations, contributing to homogeneous and neutral sound reproduction.
  • Flax Membrane:
    The Flax membrane,patented and manufactured in France, is an acoustic masterpiece, offering natural and rich sound reproduction. Lightweight, rigid, and damped, it ensures excellent dynamics, bass control, and impactful low-frequency response.
  • Bass Reflex - Powerful Bass:
    Aria Evo X speakers deliver powerful low frequencies through Bass Reflex technology. This design optimizes bass rendering efficiency, providing a complete and immersive listening experience.

Explore the Aria Evo X Range

Elegant Design and Refined Finishes

Aria Evo X speakers not only deliver exceptional audio performance but also boast chic design and three finishes (Black High Gloss, Prime Walnut, and Moss Green High Gloss) that seamlessly integrate into any interior. Leather-effect fronts add an elegant touch.

FAQ - Everything You Need to Know About the Focal Aria Evo X Range

The TAM tweeter offers a wide dispersion angle and exceptional sound definition without directionality. Composed of an inverted dome membrane in aluminum/magnesium, it ensures exceptional harmonic balance with silky highs.

The speakers are available in three finishes: Black High Gloss, Prime Walnut, and Moss Green High Gloss. The leather-effect fronts add refinement and character, ensuring a perfect integration into all living spaces.

TMD (Tuned Mass Damper) technology stabilizes the suspension, ensuring homogeneous and neutral sound by eliminating unwanted variations.

The Flax membrane is a sandwich composed of French linen fiber between two sheets of glass fiber. Lightweight, rigid, and damped, it offers natural, uncolored sound reproduction, ensuring an exceptional listening experience.

Discover acoustic perfection with the Focal ARIA EVO X range on Order your speakers today and immerse yourself in an unparalleled sound experience! For more information about Focal Aria Evo X products, our team is at your disposal.

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