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Densen B175 Noir (modèle d'expo) DENSEN AUDIO

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Densen B175 Noir (modèle d'expo)


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Amplificateur Integre Densen B175
Densen now launches the B-175 Integrated Amplifier. The B-175 is the most powerful integrated amplifier ever from Densen, but despite that contains a care for details and nuances that is stunning. 

From the first look on the B-175 it is obvious that the B-175 is something special in the Densen family. It has the fascia of the B-250 preamp, and combines this with the brute and forceful cabinet of the B-350 mono block with its recessed heat sinks. 

This is no coincidence, as the B-175 merges the technology of Densens 2 current top of the line products; the B-250 preamp and B-350 mono blocks in one cabinet. Naturally some corners have been cut, to shoehorn such advanced products into the cabinet and budget of the B-175. However as always with Densen, the choices have been taken purely on sonic ground. The performance of the B-175 is therefore outstanding, and belies its modest price. 

The B-175 delivers 2x125w in 8 ohm, and 2x250w in 4 ohm, and does this with an ease and control, that must be heard to be believed. The large recessed heat sinks, allows for the amplifier to run with a high bias, thereby securing that most power in normal listening conditions are delivered in Class A. The powersupply is made with a toroid transformer, encapsulated for isolation of vibrations to the main PCB, and with separate outputs to all critical stages of the power and preamp sections of the B-175. As always with Densen, it contains custommade capacitors made especially for the circuit in which they are used. No less than 15 custommade capacitors is used in the powersupply of the B-175. Further to that, for the first time ever in a Densen amplifier, there is used Densens own filmcapacitors. These film capacitors are the result of a long research of the behaviour of capacitors in critical paths of amplifiers. As such they are tailormade to the way Densen designs amplifiers, to give a performance not even found in the most well respected audiophile capacitors offered by other capacitor manufacturers. 

The B-175 contains no less than 10 separate voltage regulators, many implemented as SMD voltage regulators, placed close to where the power is needed, thereby securing a smoth power delivery, to each critical stage of the amplifier. 

The actually poweramp design of the B-175 relies on the B-350 monoblock design, but with a few adjustments, to optimise it for its working conditions in the B-175. 

The poweroutput is transferred internally from the poweramp to the speakerterminals using a custommade cable, which is silvercoated copper with an isolation of Teflon. This cable was first used in Densens DM-10 amplifier, and now sees its rebirth in the B-175, securing a unsurpassed signal transfer. 

The preamp is based on the Densen reference preamp; the B-250. As such it is a pure class A preamp, with an advanced microprocessor controlled attenuator. In these times, digital volume controls are often used in even high end amps. However digital volume controls, typically contains over 500 components in a compact microchip, with all the complications this means to the tiny vulnerable audiosignals. On top of that, digital volumecontrols typically has poor performance at low attenuation levels, which is where they are often used in normal listening conditions, where they will have high distortion and time related distortions, resulting in listening fatigue and lack of transparency and details. Densen has therefore never used digital volumecontrols on any their products, instead opting for an advanced ultra precise attenuator. This attenuator is implemented with the use of Vishay 0,1% lasertrimmed metal film resistors, giving a transparency and accuracy that is outstanding. Further the attenuator is calibrated by the user, by an interface with the amplifiers microprocessor. This means that the microprocessor that also takes care of the B-175s display, remote, inputselector and DenLink multiroom system, also takes care of the calibration of the attenuator to the listening level desired by the listener. The calibration is done in ½ db steps, allowing a high resolution, securing that the listener can always hit the precise listening level he desire. 

Further the microprosessor controls the B-175s option of installing a analogue surroundboard, which is a board that expands the B-175s preamp to a true 7+1 analogue preamp, securing a precise and straight signal path for users who wants to upgrade the B-175 with a DVD with 5+1 or BluRay with 7+1 analogue output, and with further poweramplifiers to control all speakers in either a 5+1 or 7+1 system. 

Audiophiles wanting to use the B-175 with a gramophone can convert on of the B-175s line inputs to either a MM or MC RIAA input by the purchase of a dedicated phonostage to insert in the B-175. 

Naturally the B-175 has the option of adding Densens advanced DNRG external powersupply. 

Finally the B-175 contains a socket for Densens advanced SAXO electronic crossover, resulting in the possibility of upgrading the Densen B-175 with several Densen poweramps and SAXOs to allow for true active performance in a high end system. 

Soundwise the B-175 contains the best of Densen; the fast engaging sound, the smooth detailed presentation, with a flow and transparency that must be heard. The precise soundstage, with lifelike depth, width and hight. The stunning detail level, that is a presented in a way, as not to take the attention of the sheer musicality of the B-175.

Caractéristiques techniques

Power output in 8 ohms: 


Power output in 4 ohms: 


THD + Noise @ rated output: 

Less than 0.05%

Frequency response (+0 -3db): 



16/17 Kg

Product dimensions (WxDxH): 


Ref interne :

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